10 tips to create the perfect conference app


“Changing lifestyle and consumer behavior is a major driving factor for the marketing industry, which, in turn, is boosting the event apps market. Technological advancement is increasing the use of mobile event apps to gain a 360-degree view of the event and manage in-person interactions.” – Business Wire


Event attendance is up but the modern attendee is expecting more from organisers these days. They want to get the most out of their participation, whether it’s a festival or a conference, which is where event apps are so impactful. They’re not only providing value for money to attendees, they’re also incredibly beneficial for event hosts.


What is an event app?

This is usually a customised app created for a specific event that helps attendees navigate the venue and schedule. There’s no more need for printed brochures and maps which can easily get lost, or loudspeaker systems alerting attendees to changes in schedule – all of this can be done on one simple app. Further to this, the event app can be used to gather feedback to better guide organisers on future planning.


How to create the perfect conference app?

Having an app for your event is incredibly valuable, but the real value lies in the design of the app itself. A generic app that doesn’t provide updates and sufficient details to your attendees will detract from, rather than add value to the event. Here’s what you need to consider to meet the needs of your eventgoers.


1.     Security first

Personal data shared on the app must be completely secure or you could have a massive problem in terms of legal ramifications, reputational damage and irate attendees. Start with including password protection, reliable data storage, data encryption and robust testing ahead of launch.


2.     Make it user-friendly

No matter how useful the information on your app is, if your eventgoers can’t easily navigate the app, then they simply won’t use it. Make sure your app is created with a user-friendly interface with features that are easy to navigate, categories that are simple to follow and content that is comprehendible to all.


3.     Include a venue map

It doesn’t matter if you’re organising a festival, concert or conference, attendees will need to know where things are and how they can access them – especially if there are thousands of people arriving. Your eventgoers need to know which venue to be at so as not to miss speakers or musicians; where the toilets are located; how to get food and drinks; as well as where the first aid is kept. That’s why maps are so important! Your event app should have a floor plan of the venue which clearly outlines what is where.


4.     Allow for personal profiles

Because you’ve prioritised safety in your app design, you can encourage your delegates to update the app with their personal profile information with bios, photos, band logos and more. This is a great way for you to gather useful marketing information for a later date while allowing attendees to market themselves to others as well.


5.     Share attendees’ list

By allowing access to the list of those attending conferences, you’re more likely to secure more delegates as they realise the networking value of such an event. This is a great opportunity for brand promotion, and you can even do speaker reveals over time to increase the build-up.


6.     Facilitate networking

The event app can also be used as a platform for the delegates to engage and schedule in-person meetings. There can also be one-on-one chats through the app, or even group chats for niche topics and events. This ensures that your delegates are getting the most out of the event, ahead of time and on the day.


7.     Include push notifications

One of the biggest benefits of the event app is the real-time notifications you can share with eventgoers. No matter how well we plan, things can change at a moment, and eventgoers must be kept up-to-date on any schedule changes. Push notifications via the event app mean they’re constantly aware of what’s happening. Plus you can use these to remind delegates about upcoming talks but you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many notifications.


8.     Encourage social media sharing

Social media is a great way for delegates to share information – including information about your brand and event. That’s why the app should facilitate social media sharing by integrating with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. This also further facilitates networking opportunities.


9.     Allow for offline access

Load shedding and poor internet connectivity at venues are quite common, so it’s important that eventgoers can access the event app offline as well. Ensure that all crucial event information is available even when the signal is lost.


10.  Promote app adoption

Finally, when you’ve designed the perfect app, you want everyone to be using it! That’s why you need to promote the app via registration discounts through the app, or other event-focused incentives. Encourage early adoption where you can so that attendees are enjoying the full benefit of the app.


The quickest way to design the perfect conference app is by working with the best in the business. Contact Hello Crowd today to ensure a seamless user experience.

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