7 benefits of building your own event app


Event apps have completely revolutionised event experiences from both the organiser’s perspective, as well as that of the participants. But to really get the most out of the technological feature, you need to have one that is specific to your event. Here’s a look at the top benefits of building your own event app.


1.     Opportunities for sponsorship

When you create an app that is unique to your event, you open up endless marketing opportunities. Sponsors will be able to use this platform to showcase their products and services directly to each attendee. If sponsors have activations at the event, the app can be used to boost their visibility as well as facilitating brand activations. This is a great way to secure event sponsorship and grow both your and your sponsor’s brands.


2.     Customise your features

Creating your own event app also gives you the chance to customise your features so that you’re getting the most out of this platform. Some of the features you can include are a user-friendly menu for easy navigation, a complete agenda of the event as well as maps, speaker information, brand information and other interactive features.


3.     Integrates with customer database

Your customised event app should be able to integrate with other platforms such as customer relationship management software. This way, you’ll be able to access customer data for a better event experience. Their buyer history and other useful information can be used to personalise customer interactions and ensure they get the most out of the event.


4.     Better customer engagement

Because your event app allows you to communicate with your attendees in real-time – while also accessing personal information – they’re benefitting from an enhanced event experience. Using push notifications, you can let them know about any sudden changes as well as talks or events of interest to them. These can be embedded with images to drive the interaction. Using the app, customers are also able to communicate with each other, thereby advancing their networking goals, while also communicating with the event organisers. This allows them to alert you to any challenges at the event so that they can be attended to.


5.     Better crowd management

As many documentaries have shown, events can get out of hand very quickly! That’s why you will need to factor crowd management into your planning, and a customised event app is a great way to get a handle on this. Your app can provide you with access to geofencing or a heatmap so that you can identify which areas are overcrowded and attend to this accordingly. It will also allow you to redirect them to other event areas where there are shorter queues by offering discounts or simply through informative push notifications.


6.     Create a seamless experience

By customising features and engaging with your eventgoers in real time, you’re able to provide them with a seamless event experience through seamless digital engagement. From the start, there is no need for them to print off tickets and maps, it’s all readily available on their phones. They can navigate the entire event, order food and pay for goods using the event app. It also provides them with the details of products and brands for sourcing after the event.


7.     It’s cost-effective

All these incredible event app benefits also translate into massive cost savings for organisers at the end of the day. Firstly, you’re not having to print off tickets, forms, leaflets, and other marketing material that are usually associated with an event – it’s all on the app! Secondly, you can drive revenue through sponsorships because of the extensive digital marketing opportunities provided by the app. Finally, real-time communication means that you will need fewer on-site personnel as the app offers all the details and information they require.


If you’re looking for a one-stop destination for yourself and your event attendees, then creating your own event app is the way to do it. HelloCrowd is the world’s favourite event app team boasting extensive industry expertise to ensure you get the most out of your app.


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