7 benefits of using a conference app


Whether you’re hosting an in-person, online or hybrid conference, an event app will ensure your delegates enjoy better networking opportunities and access to information. A well-designed event app will be secure and user-friendly while offering delegates information about speakers, attendees and other useful details.


What are the benefits of the conference app?

Let’s take a look at why it’s worth investing in a customised event app for your upcoming conference.


1.     Real-time updates

Conferences take a lot of planning and involved a lot of moving parts, which means that there are constant changes to the schedule and updates all the way through to the conference – and sometimes beyond. This is not a problem if your delegates are being kept abreast of the constant changes every step of the way. You can use push notifications if there are any drastic changes to the schedule such as speaker cancellations, venue adjustments or power outages. Your delegates don’t have to worry about checking for email notifications or listening to loudspeakers, it’s all accessible in the event app.


2.     Secure more sponsors

An app is an interconnected platform that provides you with extensive opportunities for brand marketing – something that can certainly help you, secure sponsors.  Every delegate will know who has contributed towards the conference as it can be advertised via the event app, with the option of clicking on their link to further drive traffic to their sites. Apps have effectively replaced websites as user-friendly and accessible tools, so your sponsors are more likely to come on board if you can offer them such a far-reaching platform.


3.     Host a sustainable conference

Going green is not just some catchphrase companies can incorporate for positive sponsoring. There is a real need to minimise the carbon footprint of your event in every way possible, and your first step can be with an event app. If your conference is focused on sustainability, then there is more need to showcase your commitment to the cause by eliminating the need for printed brochures, maps and schedules. Satisfy the demands of an environmentally conscious consumer by being an environmentally responsible host.


4.     Ensure better networking

Your delegates want to get the most out of your conference, whether in-person or hybrid, and that means facilitating more networking opportunities via the event app. You can allow delegates to interact well ahead of the conference to schedule meetings through one-on-one chats and group chats. You can also better connect delegates who are interested in the same niche events, thereby creating an attendee network for better communication. With social media integration via the app, delegates can also connect on other channels and even promote your conference.

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5.     Better multi-event organisation

If you’re a prolific event organiser running several different conferences then you can use a multi-event app which works off a single platform. Using just one system, you’re able to be much more organised, with all the conference agenda information, speaker bios, venue details, exhibitions and sponsors accessible via the event app.


6.     Get delegate feedback

A very important and often overlooked aspect of event organisation is the feedback from delegates. Once people have attended your conference, they will have some opinion on what went wrong and what went well, and you’ll often find a lot of trends emanating from these. You can use this feedback – which is gathered via a survey on the app – to better design your conference in future. With so much changing in terms of hybrid events and digitisation, such feedback is really insightful.


7.     Extend your conference lifespan

Finally, the value of your conference doesn’t have to end when the conference does – if you have an event app! Attendees can access valuable information related to the speakers, topics, and more via the app. These resources can be made available in document form or as webinar series which can be shared, further marketing your brand.


Allow Hello Crowd to design your next conference app so that you’re locking down attendees long before the event, and engaging with the long after it’s ended.

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