8 Reasons to Develop an App for Your Next Conference or Event


Event planning is relying more and more on innovative technology, and any modern event these days requires an event app. But we’ve proceeded beyond the basic copy-and-paste event app to one that’s customised for your particular event needs. Here are some key reasons you’re going to want to develop a tailored app for your next event.


1.     Streamlined experience

With customised features, you’re able to adapt the tone, style, and functionality of your app to perfectly match your event. Your audience isn’t having to shift from one platform to the next to find out what’s on the programme, coordinate themselves in the venue, or connect with other event-goers – everything is now facilitated on your customised event app.


2.     Community engagement

One of the greatest features of your event app is that participants are able to engage with you – as the organiser – as well as with other attendees, all on a single platform. For hybrid events, this supports virtual networking sessions through private communication channels, and for in-person events it allows attendees to schedule networking sessions during the conference. Attendees can also engage directly with you if they need additional information, or if they need to alert you to any problem or challenge at the event. Finally, you can also use the app for gamification to create more cohesion and fun.


3.     Sponsor support

Getting support for your event is made that much easier through the development of an app. The reason being that your event sponsors can gain maximum exposure through this platform that reaches every attendee on their personal mobile device. The exposure will also extend beyond the event itself, as users can download the app before the event, and use it after the event. Sponsors can use this direct marketing channel, free-of-charge, through methods like push notifications.


4.     Sustainability

One of the biggest event trends emerging is ensuring sustainability in all operations, which is why moving away from printed materials is essential for modern event planning. The event app eradicates the need for any programme printing, map printing, or business cards, thereby decreasing the carbon footprint of attendees. This also makes any last-minute changes that much easier to communicate and coordinate – without any costly reprints.


5.     Real-time data

The value of real-time data can’t be overlooked, and one of the most reliable sources for such data is through an event app. This will collect the relevant data as the event is in progress, which can then be quickly analysed, before being used to enhance the experience. You can identify areas of congestion, where more manpower may be needed, or look at enticing attendees to different areas with incentives. This way, everyone is getting the most out of the event, without having to wait for the post-event breakdown.


6.     Increased security

The value of this data cannot be compromised by cyber threats, and a customised event app will provide you with the elevated level of data security you need. This means valuable information such as personal details, business documents, and event plans are kept safe and secure.


7.     Technical support

When you’re working with a great event app developer who can customise to your needs, you’re also benefitting from constant technical support. This means allowing for regular updates and modifications as new needs arise – even during the event.


8.     Scalability

Depending on your event needs over time, you may need to scale up operations, particularly as more people are keen to attend in-person events. However, without customisation, your app might not be able to support the extra demand. This would then require you to redo the entire app at a later stage. Rather work with a developer to customise an app that can scale up or down as the event requires.


Tips for developing an app

Many great app developers can assist you, but whether you’re working with a team or developing alone, here are a few tips to remember:


– Make sure you do your competitor research
– Don’t include too many features, select only what is needed
– Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your team
– Make it simple to use and visually attractive
– Outline the goals and budget well ahead of development.


HelloCrowd can provide you with the ideal event app that provides you with everything you need for a successful, digitally supported event!

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