8 Types of Events You Can Use An Event App For


If an event app isn’t already in the repertoire of organizer tools you draw upon, you may not know the types of events you can use it for.

If an event app isn’t already in the repertoire of organizer tools you draw upon, you may not know the types of events you can use it for.

In fact, you may not know how it can boost engagement and provide you with granular data to act upon. As an organizer, your goal is to ensure that participants have an amazing event experience, and an app is the secret weapon to help you raise it a level.

From corporate workshops to shareholder meetings, brand launches to major industry conferences, there is an app type to suit every type of event. Here are some ideas on when to use your HelloCrowd app.

Types Of Events You Can Use An App For

1. Conferences

At the conference core are networking opportunities and qualified speakers. As the speakers are scheduled for concurrent talking sessions, possibly over a number of days, attendance is usually high. Attendees will be looking for ways to navigate the speaker schedule, as well as connect and get more from the learning experience.

An effective way to promote the two-way conversation between speakers and attendees is to use app features such as live polling, Q&A’s, and event feed. Furthermore, keeping track of the conversation with analytics means you have data on the engagement levels and can take action where necessary to improve the metrics.

Attendees can also access the speaker schedule to bookmark sessions they want to attend and navigate the venue to find the right location.

2. Trade Shows

The premise behind trade shows is for exhibitors to generate sales and qualified leads while attendees discover what’s available in their particular industry. Sponsors often get involved at these types of events to reinforce their image as industry leaders, and a large floor space is required for vendors to display their products.

Organizers can upload images of the conference floor plans onto the app to provide attendees with the layout of the land, as well as include the vendor’s full details and marketing brochures on their profiles. You can also drive value for your sponsors through banner advertising or display, and detail their information on the sponsors list.

3. Networking Events

These events revolve around connection. Industry professionals gather to meet their peers and establish grounds for mutually beneficial business relationships. In this case, connecting before, during, and after the event is crucial.

Features such as the event app’s social network, in-app messaging, or featured website functionality help the attendees to get to know one another. They can walk into a conversation with adequate background knowledge to engage meaningfully, and store information for future reference after the event is over.

4. Product Launches

Product launches are about the buzz with organizers and hosts putting together an event that sparks the conversation and generates demand. Of course, an exceptional presentation is key to achieving this.

An app can steer the launch in the right direction with engaging features such as live polling, in-app notifications to alert attendees to the timing of a grand reveal, and branded advertising to push out the message. Complementary media such as videos, photos, or text can also be uploaded onto the app to enhance the launch experience.

5. Workshops/Seminars

As seminars impart knowledge to a target audience, the win from an app can be seen in the extensive speaker profiles you can build.

Compile the speaker’s bio and add it to their profile along with copies of the presentations and content they talk on. All of this provides a point of information that the attendees can refer to at any time during the product familiarization or training they undergo.

6. Business Meetings

Although business meetings may be considered more low key than some of the types of events we have talked about, they serve essential purposes. Requirements revolve around presentations of vital company data, where stakeholders review business performance and make decisions for the future.

Depending on the size and budget of the organization, these meetings can scale to be relatively large events. An app takes some of the complexity out by collating all the information for attendees in one central point. They can get directions to the venue, hotel suggestions, information on the meeting agenda, and access to important downloads.

7. Charity Galas

Charity events depend on event attendance and cause awareness to achieve fund-raising goals. Social networking is going to be key to drumming up interest and ensuring that you meet your targets in terms of attendance and donations.

During the event, you can broadcast your event feed to screens around the venue. Cue talking points that encourage conversation about the charity and fund-raising. Provide a measure of the progress towards the target collection amount, and encourage the contributions to continue.

8. Festivals or Social Events

People attend these types of events to have fun. Be it to enjoy music or sports, family or food – the possibilities are endless. It so happens that the possibilities for using an app are quite extensive too.

Many of the features we have discussed already are useful in this kind of setting. However, one we haven’t covered yet is event gamification.

Through interactive puzzle-solving, you can engage attendees at your festival or event even further. Reward them with branded merchandise or freebies after locating and scanning a set number of QR codes across the festival grounds. The hunt is not only a talking point but also a way to promote brand awareness.

Get An Event App That Works For Every Type Of Event

With HelloCrowd’s event app, you can create an engaging experience at all types of events using the features we have covered in this post. Simply schedule a demo on our website and we will run through the details with you.

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