Benefits of building your own iOS conference app


Organising a conference requires some significant multi-tasking and last-minute decision-making with the support of a qualified team. But with budgetary restrictions and so much to consider, the conference app is emerging as the most cost-effective and convenient way to organise conferences of all sizes. But rather than going with a standard issue conference app, you might want to consider customising your own iOS conference app for added features.


7 benefits of a customised iOS conference app

iOS is Apple’s operating system and one of the leading options for designing your own app. Here are the three main reasons you will want to go with iOS.


1.     Flexibility

When you create an app using the iOS application, you’re enjoying much more flexibility than you would experience with ready-made software. If there are certain new features that you feel would help with the running of your conference, you can simply add them.


2.     Cost-effectiveness

Don’t be fooled into thinking ready-made software is cheaper than customising your own iOS conference app. With ready-made software, you might have many features that you’re paying for but not using, and others that you can’t access but would really benefit from. With a customised iOS app, you’re paying for exactly what you need – no more, no less.


3.     Connect delegates

A primary motivation for hosting any conference is the opportunity for delegates from a certain sector to engage, network and share ideas. While this can now be achieved with in-person events again, a customised iOS conference app will further enable this idea sharing by providing a communication platform via the app.


4.     Streamlining communication

You can provide delegates with all the necessary event information, news updates, and even gamification, with one-on-one interactions possible for a more productive conference. Rather than turning to WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media platforms to connect, a customised iOS conference app will streamline the communication between organisers, delegates, speakers and more. Presentations and documentation can also be accessed here for a better conference experience.


5.     Better security

When collating so much private information in one space, you have to ensure that the private data is kept secure from hackers. With iOS and its enhanced security measures, you can be assured that your app is protected from cybercriminal activity that could put your business and the conference at risk. Security measures to be considered include on-premise storage clouds, and levels of authentication for various employees, all of which are available with customised apps.


6.     Secure sponsorship

With an economic downturn, we’re seeing corporate sponsorship diminishing as budgets have to be tightened. This sponsorship is important when it comes to creating a viable conference, and a customised iOS conference app will certainly provide you with leverage in this department. A customised app ensures a direct channel from the sponsors to a targeted audience, with the option of push notifications, promotions, and more through the conference.


7.     Scalability

A ready-made app doesn’t allow much leeway when it comes to conference sizes. With a customised iOS conference app, you can scale up or scale down the features to your specific requirements. This adaptability is much more cost-effective in the long run, offering you a much better return on investment (ROI).


Why choose a partner to customise your iOS conference app

It’s clear that building your own iOS conference app is the best way to go, but if you don’t have the prerequisite software experience, then it’s best to partner with a team like HelloCrowd. A specialised team will assist you with:


– Determining your conference needs and the timeline for development.

– Providing you with the unique expertise required for your particular conference, especially in iOS development.

– A thorough review of the features that will benefit your conference, and guidance on what you won’t need.

– On-site software support in the event of any technical issues for uninterrupted operations.

– A customised solution to match your budget.


Take the hassle out of conference planning by getting in touch with HelloCrowd today!

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