Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App in 2023


In the current world, technology has become a part and parcel of people’s lives as everyone now uses it to handle everyday dynamic things. According to statistics, there were about five billion digital users worldwide as of early this year, representing 63% of the total human population. The use of mobile apps in particular is now more prevalent than before as companies now rely on them to improve efficiency and provide the finest customer experience. It’s actually a safe bet that businesses can depend on these tools to manage tons of activities especially when it comes to event planning.

Looking back, during the pandemic, many business owners realized the significance of using a mobile event app to plan and manage important events. So, because of its potential, this touchless trend has now become a standard practice embraced by many event organizers to replace the laborious and time-consuming manual approaches. Therefore, as a professional event planner, you’d also want to capitalize on the opportunities a mobile event app can bring.

7 Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App

Here are seven of its benefits:


1. It helps you stay within budget

A mobile event app provides clear visibility of all the activities that relate to event planning thereby facilitating easy financial planning. As an event organizer, you can keep track of essential expenses such as traveling, housing, and venue costs. Also, you’re able to determine any complications that might adversely impact your budget like wrong invites or a quoting problem, and establish efficient strategies to resolve them. This way, you can stay within your budget, and save more by seeking more value for less expenditure.

Aside from that, you can also reduce costs by managing multiple events using a single app. That is, instead of developing a platform for every single event, you can create a single branded mobile solution to sell out all of your upcoming events.

Also, note that by automating basic tasks like event registration, bookings, and information management, you eliminate manpower costs.


2. It transforms the interactions with your audience

Many fans or stakeholders who attend your events are probably your close followers who always identify themselves with your brand. Therefore, as your brand ambassadors, this type of audience usually anticipates year-round updates about events and not just a one-time communication. Fortunately, with the use of a mobile event app, you can communicate directly to your target audience and keep them engaged with fresh content.

Below are some of the ways a mobile event app can boost the engagement levels with your audience:

– It can deliver time-sensitive messages to user: You can maximize the use of push notifications to drive engagement. For instance, you may link a push message with an invitation card, or send it to participants during the event when a preferred speaker or artist is about to get on stage. Embedding pictures with such push messages creates even more interest amongst the attendees.

It integrates feedback mechanisms: Through the in-app feedback mechanisms such as polls, your audience can freely and instantly express their opinions about a particular event. This way, you can understand their expectations and work towards achieving them in the upcoming meetings.

 It facilitates networking: A mobile event app is integrated with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, your audience can connect with each other and other online communities before, during, and after an event. This continuous interaction can even extend your event’s lifespan throughout the year.

3. It facilitates information management 

A mobile event app streamlines all your workflow as per your needs. Therefore, content control becomes easy and you can:

– Centrally control the type of information delivered to your attendees.
– Eliminate the risk of distributing confidential company information to the wrong recipients.
– Combine any flexible content with a push notification to ensure visitors using the app for the first time access any important recent updates.
– Effectively deliver information-fueled guidelines to your event organizing team from travel managers, logistics, marketing, and accounting staff.


4. It provides optimal security

Like any other software program, a mobile event app is built-in with robust security functionalities and authentications to ensure maximum data protection. The integrated capabilities such as password protection, data encryption, and scheduled backups prevent breaches from third parties.

Also, because permissions are granted based on attendee credentials, users can only access and receive the data you authorize as the event organizer.


5. It allows easy crowd management

The in-app geofencing feature is of great significance when it comes to crowd management. During an event, you can use the venue map to analyze your venue and identify the popular and less popular areas. Afterward, you can inform your visitors through a push message of the busier areas while recommending an easy movement to the less popular spaces.

Other ways you can reduce overcrowding through a mobile event app is to:

– Share safety updates.
– Offer price cuts for example in the food stalls with smaller queues.
– alternative corners like the bars or even food joints with fewer people.

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6. It has improved client experience

The high consumer expectations today are largely inspired by digital transformation. People now want a seamless experience when it comes to access to services and that extends to keeping tabs on events. Luckily, a mobile event app has completely transformed the user experience by providing a singular platform whereby visitors get to serve themselves with just a click.

Below are some of the ways this event app can benefit your audience:

– It provides instant access to tickets
– It facilitates online booking and payment for orders or events
– It delivers updates or recommendations through push notifications
– It allows easy movement and location of important areas like washrooms with the use of available venue maps


7. It optimizes event marketing campaigns

An event planning mobile app serves as a direct marketing channel for your forthcoming event. This is because it allows you to communicate valuable information directly to your target audience. In addition, your event organizing team can leverage a number of other platforms like Email, SEO, and other social networks to reach out to your entire delegation.

For instance, through Email marketing, you can even achieve personalized marketing by providing specialized content to an individual user.

The other good thing about this app is that you can monitor how your event marketing campaigns are progressing by checking the number of leads generated, media pick-ups, and engagement levels on the different social media platforms.

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In this digital era, you’d want to optimize your event planning operations and evolve with the needs of your audience by using a mobile event app. This digital tool enables you to track your expenses, ensure ongoing communication with your audience, manage your crowd and ensure constant data security. Also, you get to optimize your event promotion strategy and provide an unmatched customer experience. Generally, a mobile event app helps you become a master event planner.

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