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Event App features for attendees


Your event’s own private social network

Allow your attendees to share and see things happening all around your event. You and your attendees communicate on a private social network, directly inside the app. Share photos, links, videos and more. Plus, you can display your Event Feed on big screens at your event.


Get instant feedback with real-time polling

Run a live poll at your event and instantly collect the results. Live polling can be run across multiple sessions simultaneously making it ideal for large events with breakout sessions.

Q & A

Give your attendees a voice

Allow everyone to participate in Q&As without having to get a microphone to the back of the room. Attendees can post their questions anytime during a presentation from inside your app. They can see questions from other attendees and upvote those they also want the answer to. Q&A can even be run anonymously.


Instant feedback and insights on the event experience

Event feedback is capable of dealing with multiple questions in multiple answer formats so you can get the feedback you require for your event.

Session Feedback prompt your attendees to rate the sessions they’ve attended to instantly provide speakers and event planners with 5 star rating and an optional comment.


Inform and remind your attendees

Keep your attendees informed about any changes or reminders by ensuring that they automatically get notified about important updates through your app. Organisers can also create and schedule push notifications to be sent out before, during and after the event.


Have fun with event gamification

Add extra engagement and excitement to your event with an easy way to let attendees win a prize. All you need to do is create a marketing phrase of your choosing and decide on the number of QR codes you require. As your attendees discover and scan the QR codes around your event, your app will show portions of the phrase until the entire phrase is revealed.


Broadcast your social event feed on any screen

To create further engagement at your event you can publish your Event Feed onto big screens at your event allowing your attendees to see the updates and encourage them to contribute too.


Access to the event agenda any time

Attendees can access the entire event schedule and see a detailed multi-day, multi-track agenda. Allocate optional sessions or allow attendees to select their own.


Instant access to documents, presentations and videos

Upload speakers presentations and white papers directly into each session. Include videos and images throughout the app too. Presentations and videos can be loaded at any time during or after the event.


Have access to a full list of exhibitor info

Fully customizable exhibitor profiles with the ability to host marketing brochures or presentations and contact details and stand numbers.


Instantly connect attendees

Connect instantly with attendees via contact swap and in app messaging. Your app includes attendee profiles with a “contact swap” function to allow them to network by chatting to and sharing personal contact details with other authorized attendees.


Give your sponsors more exposure

Give your sponsors in-app exposure by listing them in the sponsor list. Fully customizable sponsor profiles with the ability to host marketing brochures or presentations and optional contact details.


Drive additional value for your sponsors

Banners will give your sponsors additional value through the app. Drive additional revenue for your event or simply give sponsors additional value with banners displayed throughout the app.


Your own event app in the App Store

Your own custom branded event app. Match your app with your events own branding using customizable colors, event icons and splash screens.


Indoor and outdoor navigation

Add as many locations as you need to your app – all linked to Google Maps. Indoor and outdoor maps with turn by turn navigation.


Feature any website inside your app

Got something on the web to promote or share? Link directly to any website from directly inside the app, or send to attendees email addresses for a more personalized experience.

Why Choose HelloCrowd?

Fully featured event app

All HelloCrowd event app features are included as standard in all our packages, and events stay live for up to 12 months.

Let attendees connect and engage

Attendees are able to network by privately chatting with each other, and can use the “contact swap” function to share contact details with others that they choose.

Start instantly with a free preview

We offer a full-featured preview of our app for up to ten attendees, allowing you to get going in minutes.

Manage your events like a pro

Whether you’re a full-time events specialist or organizing a one-off event, you’ll have all the tools you need available, with no restrictions on how little or how much they’re used.

Simple, once-off pricing

Pay one all-inclusive low price, whether you’re publishing in the Container app or creating your own custom-branded app.

Support available 24/7

Our professional and friendly tech support team is available via chat or email to help you anytime you need them.


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Container App
Free preview up to 10 attendees

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Full Featured Event App

Unlimited feature use

24/7 Support

Event Analytics

Publish instantly in the HelloCrowd App
Single Event App
Active for 12 months

Custom Branded App*

Full Featured Event App

Unlimited feature use

24/7 Support

Event Analytics

Full setup support available
*Requires Apple Developer Account
Multi Event App
Unlimited Events

Custom Branded App*

Full Featured Event App

Unlimited feature use

24/7 Support

Event Analytics

$699/ per month



*Requires Apple Developer Account

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