Event Industry Trends 2023


This year has seen the welcome return of many events, from conferences and exhibitions to concerts and festivals. But the demands of event-goers have certainly shifted in the past few years, and organisers are having to adapt accordingly to keep up with industry trends. Here’s a look at some of the trends we’re expecting to see as 2023 gets underway.


1.     In-person events

The year started with the return of some in-person events, although Covid-19 regulations are still in place. These have largely fallen away as the risk has declined somewhat, and we can expect many more in-person events to be hosted in 2023. However, there will be much more consideration for individual wellness at events, with conferences incorporating elements like sensory-friendly spaces, break-out rooms, scheduled meditation and even accommodating family-friendly elements like childminding.


2.     Technology for virtual events

This is not to say that virtual events are gone for good, we’re just more likely to see a hybrid model rather than full-scale online gatherings. But if you can think of nothing worse than another Zoom call or Teams meeting, then you’ll be happy to know this is all shifting. The introduction of virtual and artificial reality technology into this space will see much more immersive event experiences. Events will be hosted in the metaverse with virtual 3D environments for networking, but this will only be starting in 2023.


3.     Event apps

This mobile-first world has seen much more reliance on cellphone technology for identification, storage and research. People effectively rely on their mobile phones for all aspects of life, and this will be incorporated more and more in event planning through mobile apps. All registration processes will be conducted on event apps, with programmes and maps shared through this platform. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated in real-time, making for a much more user-friendly experience. Attendees can find out who will be at the event ahead of time, and arrange of in-person networking – or even network via the app in private chat rooms. There is so much that can be facilitated via the event app, and so much valuable data gained, including:

– Number of attendees
– Number of returning attendees
– Engagement rate at sessions
– Popularity of sessions
– Areas of concern
– Contact information for future marketing

This incredibly valuable data can then be used to better plan for future events as you’re finding out exactly what works for attendees, and what doesn’t.


4.     Sustainability

The realities of climate change are evident throughout the world, and people are demanding sustainability across all sectors of society. When it comes to events in 2023, you can expect venues to be incorporating sustainable practices, from solar energy and water storage to recycling initiatives. Products and food ordered for events must be locally sourced and packaged responsibly, with conference gifts likely to follow a similar route. The incorporation of event apps, mentioned above, and other digital resources will decrease the need for paper. Event organisers will also have to consider more sustainable transport options that aren’t too carbon-heavy.


5.     Real-time networking

If you’re still printing business cards then stop – there’s really no need! People are still networking and engaging – this is vital for business operations – but they’re doing so via event apps or social media platforms. This is not to say that in-person networking is going away, but the facilitation of this engagement will be taking place online more than ever.


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