Event technology trends 2023


Planning any event, from a conference to a concert or sports contest, means juggling a number of different demands to ensure it all results in a cohesive and successful experience for attendees. To assist event organisers in creating this seamless experience, several new technologies are emerging. Here’s a look at some of the most innovative technologies that will help you and your team plan the best events in 2023.

1.     Contactless technology

The pandemic spurred the development of contactless technology and its popularity has continued to grow. In 2023, we’re likely to see much more of this in the planning with events becoming completely cashless and mobile phones used for payments. Technology like Near Field Communications (NFC) allows you to check your event hotspots in real-time, and reallocate resources to attend to congestion or a dip in interest.


2.     Advanced ticketing

We’re going to see a decline in online ticket sales congestion as events implement tools for advanced event registration, particularly with severe Covid infections in decline. With less concern about events being cancelled or postponed, customers will feel more secure in making bookings well in advance. This will include the opportunity to create branded registration pages using customised domains specific to each event. It also gives you the chance to upsell bundles and VIP experiences to the keen buyer.


3.     Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

There’s no getting away from the fact that AR and VR are going to become a part of daily life and, when implemented well, this technology can be really useful for events. The trend of phygital strategies is taking off, where in-person experiences are being enhanced by immersive and interactive digital. This gives companies the chance to show off their latest offerings to eventgoers, such as travel experiences, consumer goods, cars, and other retail options. There’s also the option of gamification where attendees enjoy a virtual scavenger hunt or other competitive game.


4.     Hybrid events

While we’re all excited to have welcomed back in-person events, the rise of digital events showed us the scope of opportunity when opening up the audience or speakers to a global platform. Accessibility will be key for events in 2023, as organisers consider ways to bring in a larger audience, while still satisfying those in attendance. Some of the technologies assisting with this will include live translation to prevent any language barrier issues.


5.     Green resource technology

Whatever industry you’re in, sustainability is going to remain a dominant trend until we achieve net zero. For events, this means incorporating technology that can assist in better resource management, and materials sourcing, so that attendees can be assured they’re not contributing to the crisis. Measures such as being carbon credits to offset carbon emissions, as well as no single-use plastic or non-recyclable materials are the starting points. But technologies such as water-saving sensors, lighting systems, and solar panels are all going to emerge as dominant in the event industry.


6.     Data analytics

If you’re not using data to improve your business operations, then you’re really missing out. In 2023, more and more event companies will be turning to business intelligence software and data analytics to help them better plan for future events. Real-time data, as well, is a great way for you to take a proactive event, while historical data will be used for better decision-making in future.


7.     Customised event apps

Event apps are an all-in-one technological solution for event organisers looking to create a seamless experience that better engages their audience. But rather than going with the standard event apps, organisers will be looking for a more customised solution tailored to the needs, tone, and goals of their unique event. Features that can be included on event apps include:

– Event schedules
– Map of the venue
– Event facilities
– Speaker information
– Videos and images
– Gamification
– Chat for networking
– Event registration


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