How can meeting and event planners benefit from conference apps?


If you’ve ever planned an event or large-scale meeting, you understand the sheer amount of logistical work that goes into the organisation. From dates and venues, to catering and talks, there is a lot that needs to be planned down to the last detail. The introduction of meeting and event apps has drastically revolutionised the entire process, eliminating unnecessary errors and streamlining communication. Here are some of the other associated benefits of conference apps.


What is a conference app?

Software developers are now customising apps that can be used by event organisers and eventgoers to access all relevant information, so that no one is left in the dark.


How do apps help event planners?

No matter how well you plan an event, you can’t plan for everything – from unfavourable weather to overbooking, there is a lot that can go wrong. Fortunately, event apps are in place to help you better deal with any unforeseen circumstances while ensuring a successful event. Here’s how…


1.     Budgeting

No matter how well you plan for a conference, there will be unexpected costs that can put pressure on an already limited budget. An event planning app will provide you with invaluable oversight into all your operations, keeping you on track of your budgets to ensure cost-cutting measures can be made where needed.


2.     Event marketing

To ensure you’re securing the maximum number of attendees at your conference, you need to be effectively marketing the event over time. Through an event app, you can leverage various platforms to maximise the event exposure, from email and social media to email. You can also connect with your event speaker to maximise exposure across their related platforms as well.


3.     Automation

Your event or conferencing app will automate redundant tasks such as event registration, query responses, and information management. This not only makes for much quicker organisation, automation also negates the increased expenses for related manpower.


4.     Easier registration

One of the biggest headaches for event organisers and attendees can be the registration process. Manual registration is an unnecessarily time-consuming task for eventgoers, which is why digital registration is becoming the preferred option. An event app can facilitate this process, consolidating all registrations in one place.


5.     Time management

Another major hassle of any conference planning is wasted time – for organisers and attendees. When using an event app, you’re saving time in event organisation as well as making the process of registration and event navigation that much easier for attendees.


6.     Payments

Event planners cannot be dealing with cash payments as it’s far too risky and can prove to be a logistical nightmare as recording who has and hasn’t paid is difficult. Your conference app will facilitate online payments for registration, as well as payments for products and services at the conference itself.


7.     Improved efficiency

By minimising the time and costs involved in planning and running a conference, your event app is drastically boosting your event efficiency. This is furthered by the integration with other software for processes such as marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), payments, and more.


8.     Mobility

Conference apps are available on mobile devices which makes them convenient for everyone as the information is always readily available. App designers can also provide you with a customised app that has features specified for your event.


Enjoy these benefits when planning your next conference by getting in touch with the leaders in app development, HelloCrowd.

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