How can mobile apps improve the experience of attending a conference?


We’re living in an increasingly mobile world, with our lives essentially stored in our phones. Businesses are now extending this convenience to events and conferences with the introduction of apps. Many event organisers have been successfully using conference apps this year, but some are still slow on the uptake. Here’s a look at how mobile apps are improving the experience, and why you will want to include them in your 2023 plans.


1.     Real-time updates

Any conference organiser knows that the minute you print those conference programmes, something in the line-up is bound to change. This used to be an incredibly frustrating reality for conference attendees who would only find this fact out too late, but not with conference apps. Once downloaded, conference-goers can receive real-time updates to the conference schedule so that they’re not inconvenienced or frustrated. It doesn’t matter how many changes there are, or how last minute, attendees are always in the know.


2.     Registration and navigation

One of the biggest points of congestion and frustration for conference organisers and attendees is simply getting everyone registered. This is now arranged, smoothly and simply, via the conference app. In fact, all the personal details of the attendees can be captured far ahead of schedule. Further to this, attendees can also access the conference map for easy navigation. This means fewer late arrivals and, if there is a venue change, it’s quickly noted on the event app.


3.     Network with other attendees

One of the greatest features of a conference app is the ability to communicate with the organisers, and with other attendees. But before even attending, conference-goers are able to confirm who is going to be at the event, with plans made for in-person networking. There’s no need for exchanging old-school business cards, this can all be done via the app, with private online exchanges also facilitated.


4.     Social media

With hybrid conferencing still a real trend going into 2023, organisers have to accommodate virtual attendance which can be done via the conference app. The sessions can be live-streamed with virtual questions submitted to speakers, as well as photos tagged and hashtags used for better conference promotion.


5.     Sponsorship opportunities

Securing sponsorships for conferences is always difficult, but with conference apps, the sponsorship opportunities make the conference that much more enticing. Logos, slogans and messaging can all be shared via the conference app thereby boosting your sponsors’ visibility and keeping your event-goers informed. Using sponsored ad space on the conference app or push notifications, you can ensure your sponsors get further reach while also generating more revenue for the event.


6.     Get feedback

Finally, you can improve your conference organisation by getting valuable feedback directly from the attendees. This includes real-time feedback as the conference is underway, allowing you to make on-site adjustments for a better attendance experience, or you can include a short survey via the mobile app. Once received, you can use this data to better plan for future conferences.


The future of conferences is rooted in event apps, but you need to ensure you’re incorporating the best for your conference. HelloCrowd will provide you with a superior conference app that allows your attendees to easily communicate and engage with each other on a private social network. Here they can share posts, photos, links, videos and more. Plus, the Event Feed can be displayed on big screens at your event via a simple link to encourage more contributions.

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