How to create the perfect event app


If you’re planning an event, you want it to be well co-ordinated, run seamlessly and provide your attendees with maximum input. Achieving this in the digital age means creating a customised event app for organisers and event goers. But it’s not simply a case of creating an app, it needs to have all the features that make it the perfect app for the event.


What is a mobile event app?

These are apps designed to assist attendees in navigating your event, accessing information, and making purchases. There’s no more need for printing tickets, pamphlets or maps as these can all be accessed via the mobile event app. This also serves as a valuable communication tool for any event queries and to alert event-goers of schedule changes.


What makes the perfect event app?

When you’re designing your app, you need to consider a few features that will make it ideal for your particular event. Here’s what to consider.


1.     Ongoing notifications and updates

Communicating via your event or conference app is a must as it allows you to keep attendees informed of any last-minute changes to the schedule, any upcoming talks or networking opportunities, as well as sharing any product or service details for sales. Push notifications are a great way to do this, and they can be customised to target a particular audience type for better engagement.


2.     Personalised messaging

Your app can have software integration options so that your communication with your attendees is highly personalised. This also allows for customised agendas that target your audience’s interests and needs. This way, they’re getting what they want and you’re hosting a successful event.


3.     Accessibility

As with any technology, you need to ensure it’s accessible and easy to use so that you don’t lose customer attention. Ensure that your app design is easy to find, easy to download, and easy to use. Customers should not need advanced IT degrees to navigate the system, and it should only communicate useful, personalised information so as not to chase them away.


4.     Enhanced security

Obviously, when it comes to an app, you need to include high-level security features so that you’re not putting your customer’s data at risk. This will require password protection so that your users are protected and can control any information they wish to share publicly. A secure event app can even be used after the event to access information and benefit from features for some time.


5.     Real-time Q&As

The two-way communication system means that event goers can receive information from you as the event organisers, and they can also communicate with you in real-time. This can be used for Q&As which allow participants to better engage with event speakers and get the most out of the event. You can even set up polls which can be shared via the event app to determine what is being enjoyed and make adjustments immediately.

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6.     Rewards and incentives

You can increase the number of users on your event app by sharing rewards, incentives and discounts. Elements like rewards for early registration, loyalty programmes, giveaways and goodie bags are all very well-received by attendees. Another option is gamification features where they compete in digital challenges to win points.


7.     Post-event surveys

Your event planning needs to go beyond the event itself so that you can ensure the success of future events. This can be done by allowing for post-event surveys through the app. Attendee feedback lets you learn quickly exactly what worked and what did not. Unlike phone calls or email surveys, you have a much higher rate of response through post-event app surveys.


8.     Sponsorship feature

You can’t overlook the value of sponsorship exposure on an event app which is why you need to consider this feature when creating the perfect app. You can display the sponsor logo, details and more on the event app so they’re enjoying maximum exposure.


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