How using Conference Apps can increase attendee engagement


Event organisers are always looking for ways to provide a better experience for conference attendees, and event apps have now become pivotal to this. This simple, user-friendly app provides all the conference information in one convenient location, and can be customised to include features specific to your event. But there are also a few tips and tricks that you can incorporate to actually increase your attendee engagement through the conference app. Here’s how.


1.     Push notifications

Conference-goers are looking to keep updated about everything that is happening at the event from start to finish. That’s where real-time alerts through push notifications are great for enhanced engagement. This could alert attendees to the start of any sessions they’ve signed up for, or inform them of any connection requests from other delegates.

2.     Gamification

Another great way to draw in the audience through the conference app is by including competitions, games, or other ways to win awards. You can use these tools as a way to encourage delegates to attend certain events, visit certain exhibitions, or network with other attendees. Scavenger hunts are a particularly great option for heightening delegate engagement, as they connect with others at the event, are taken to different venues and exhibitions, and are kept interested throughout the event.

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3.     Messaging

Your conference app must have a chat or messaging feature so that delegates can communicate one-on-one, in groups, or with the event organisers at all times. This feature allows for digital networking which can then evolve into in-person networking at the event. By encouraging conference app downloads ahead of the event, this networking can start prior to day one, and continue even after the closing session.


4.     Discounts and perks

One of the major benefits of conference apps is the fact that organisers are benefitting from real-time updates throughout the event. They can identify where audience engagement is heightened, and areas or sessions that might need a boost. Armed with this information, organisers can then offer discounts and perks to lure audiences to certain areas and reward them accordingly.


5.     Easy access control

Access control can be a massive hurdle for conference organisers when not done properly. Conference apps that have access control features allow for the seamless movement of delegates. It enhances the audience experience by integrating with self-service check-in, on-site badge printing, and even geotagging so that delegates can easily be located.


6.     Feedback and live polls

Finally, you can get valuable audience input through live polls which are run through the conference app. This provides insight into what audiences enjoy and are expecting from the event so that adjustments can be made where necessary. You can also send out surveys via the conference app to gather valuable data for the next event.

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7.     Choose the right app designer

Work with the best in the industry to ensure you’re getting a feature-rich conference app that is guaranteed to connect you with the delegates. HelloCrowd, a leader in iOS conference apps,  is able to provide you with a fully featured event app that enables private chats for attendees, a contact swap function to share details, and all the necessary features for a successful conference. Plus there’s 24/7 support from their tech-friendly team so you’re never unconnected.

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