Must-Have Features for Conference Apps & Event Apps in 2023


A 2023 event would certainly not feel complete without a specialty app. This is especially true with large meetings hosting dozens, hundreds, or thousands of attendees and spanning several days. There’s usually a lot of coordination involved, and a manual approach, such as making announcements verbally, may not be effective. A mobile event app comes in handy to streamline communication and interactions between organizers, attendees, and facilitators before, during, and after a meeting.

Price shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your acquisition decision when choosing one. You must look into the features and select an app that meets your unique needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of must-have features for event apps. Read on!

11 Features for Conference Apps & Event Apps

1. Ticket Purchase Plus Registration

The attendees’ experience starts during the registration phase and rolls into actual meetings. Accordingly, a mobile event app should have the ticketing feature, allowing interested persons to book and pay for their seats beforehand.

While at it, they should also be able to input their personal details, like name, email address, mobile phone number, and home address. Such information helps event organizers analyze various attendance metrics and send future promotional messages to attendees.


2. Social Media Integration


You’d want the guests to share their experiences with friends and family in any meeting. This goes a long way to spreading the word about your brand and the activities to engage in. Make it easy for them by choosing a mobile event app with share buttons for the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In the end, your visibility multiplies manifold.


3. Networking

From another angle, some event apps, like HelloCrowd, act as social networks on their own. They allow event attendees to communicate and engage with each other by sharing videos, photos, and posts and reacting to the same. This is crucial because one of the main goals of most event participants is to network. Enabling them to do this through a feature-rich mobile app helps them view the event as highly successful.


4. Push Notifications

To reiterate, verbal announcements from the podium may not work for large events. At any given time, the participants may be attending to different matters. Some may be listening to a keynote speaker, others in the washrooms, taking lunch, catching up with friends, or relaxing on the lawns.

Sending critical notifications via the event app enables all attendees to be on the same page regarding the latest developments in the meeting. This can be anything like a reminder of when the next meeting starts, rescheduling of a session, or telling participants to fill in a feedback form.


5. Live Streaming

Hybrid events are now commonplace, wherein a section of the audience attends in-person while another group follows the proceedings remotely. The virtual attendees will usually need to live stream and chat with the rest of the audience. A reliable event app integrates these capabilities, enabling those not physically present during the meeting to feel part and parcel of it.


6. Tight Security

Hackers are on the loose and will use the slightest loophole to steal sensitive information for their gain. Thus, your select conference app must have cutting-edge security measures, such as data encryption, password requirement for all participants, mandatory passcodes for private events, and a secure host for the collected data. Data breaches can cost you thousands of dollars in fines and ruin your brand image.


7. Simple User Interface

Even tech-savvy guys enjoy easy-to-use apps. By all means, the app shouldn’t feel torturous to the attendees and organizers. Navigating from one function to another and inputting information should be as easy as ABC, thus enhancing the participants’ experience.

8. Real-Time Polling

Your objective with any conference is to leave the participants happy. To ensure you’re optimizing your convention rightly, you could ask them questions before, during, or after the event. A mobile app with this feature helps collect feedback instantly from the audience. Some questions you can ask include:

– How did you learn about this event?
– Which speakers are you most interested in?
– What are you looking to get out of this event?
– Did you find this session helpful?
– How would you rate the last speaker on a scale of 1 to 5?
– Generally, how would you rate your experience?
– Should we host a similar conference again, will you attend?
– What challenges did you encounter during the event?

More advanced event apps can even analyze the responses and generate automatic reports.


9. Question And Answer

Any event includes the shy ones who fear standing up and asking the speakers questions face-to-face. You’d do them a great favor by using a mobile app that allows them to type their questions, saving them the uphill task of speaking in front of a crowd.


10. Speaker Bios


Guests are always curious about who’s speaking next in any event. An excellent approach is to upload all speaker bios on the app and let the audience have a glimpse of their professional experience, social media handles, and even their full-face photos. Connecting with a speaker in such a manner before they stand up to deliver their speech goes a long way to making their address effective.

11. Analytics

You’re probably looking to hold similar events in the future. In this sense, you ought to analyze the success of the just-concluded event and gear up for the next one. A dependable conference app should have sophisticated algorithms to explore aspects like:

– The hottest topics
– The most popular speaker
– The sessions that generated the most social engagement
– The satisfaction rate of participants
– Return on investment
– Effectiveness of the app

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Mobile event apps have truly revolutionized the way we hold conferences. Remember, we’re at an advanced stage of technological development, and conference attendees expect organizers to level up and offer the best experience. So choose a feature-loaded app that makes your meeting as enjoyable as possible.

Most importantly, ensure the app you settle on offers 24/7 support. Glitches are familiar with every tool, and you’d want immediate attention whenever you run into issues, especially given that the meeting is live and all eyes are on you.

With HelloCrowd you can publish your conference app in minutes.

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