Tips to create the perfect iOS conference app


Are you organising an upcoming conference? Then you are no doubt looking for the best ways to create an iOS conference app that will entire process much simpler for yourself, and your delegates. If you’ve never had to put an app together before, then here is a look at exactly what you need to pull off the best conference of 2023!


What is a conference app?

This is a mobile app that you create to help eventgoers and your various event stakeholders to manage their entire conference experience, from check-in to post-event information. This mobile app is a piece of software that can be downloaded onto your delegates’ mobile device – smartphone, tablet, or laptop – so that they can access the latest conference information.


How to create the perfect app

Working with an app developer is the first step to making the perfect conference app, but these are the elements you will need to include to ensure you and your delegates are getting the most out of your app.


1.     Make it user-friendly

This is the most basic concept for any software but one that is too often overlooked. Remember as you go along that, whatever features you add to the app, it must remain a simple and user-friendly option for navigating the event. Getting people to download the app is the first step, but if they’re battling to navigate the app or find the features that help them, they’re going to abandon or delete the app. It’s important to have all the conference information in one convenient space.


2.     Make it secure

Regulations such as the POPI Act require you to keep your delegates’ private information safe and secure at all times, which means implanting top-quality security measures on your conference app. Your app will need all the basic security measures such as password protection and opting out of promotional data and information sharing.


3.     Promote the app

Many people are still reluctant to download apps, especially if they’re having to input personal information, so you might need to promote the conference app ahead of time. Some of the ways you can achieve this is by implementing a rewards system to incentivise people to download the app, and even include gamification for ongoing use of the app.


4.     Registration and check-in

After downloading your app, the next step will be for your delegates to register and check in. You need to ensure this process is uncomplicated and easy to follow. This will mitigate any need for arriving at the event early for in-person registration, they can simply show their phones or tablets once they arrive at the conference.


5.     Promote your sponsors

Your app can be made that much better with a bit of financial support, so why not offer this as a place for your corporate sponsors to maximise exposure? You can promote your sponsors on the conference app using in-app banner advertisements with a link to the mobile website. Top sponsors should get prime position such as appearing first on the list. Another way to further promote your sponsors is by using push notifications that encourage delegates to attend a certain exhibit or talk.


6.     Personalise exhibitor booths

It’s important to remember that your exhibitors need to get as much use out of your app as possible, which can be done by allowing them to customise their digital booths. This allows them to make the necessary adjustments to the booth where needed, including as much information as they desire.


7.     Outline a clear floor plan

One of the most important functions of a conference app is providing delegates with useful information on how to navigate the conference venue itself. Make sure that your app has a clear floor plan with information about each venue, as well as the ability to zoom in and out where required. Your floor plan or map must include the exhibitor and speaker locations, bathrooms, workshop rooms, dining areas and more. You can take it even further by including useful information about the venue surroundings – interesting sites and eateries that could be of use to your attendees.


8.     Allow for networking

Another important feature of your conference app is allowing people to connect in this space. You can facilitate networking on the app, as well as allowing for delegates to arrange in-person meetings. It’s important that your app can connect with social media as well to further the exposure of your event. Live Q&A sessions on the conference app will enhance the experience for attendees.


9.     Extend your conference lifespan

Just because your conference has ended, doesn’t mean the life of your app has to! You can extend the lifespan of your conference app by turning this into a virtual conference space with content from the event stored. Anything that was missed can be reviewed, and delegates can find details of speakers or other delegates at a later stage.


HelloCrowd is the leading iOS conference app developer, with vast experience in helping the world’s leading brands create their most engaging events.

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