What are conference apps? 8 benefits of using them


If you’re in the event planning space, then you’ve no doubt been introduced to the idea of a conference app. If you’ve yet to use one, or haven’t enjoyed the privilege of using a conference app that drastically revolutionises the entire event management, then you’re about to discover what you’ve been missing!


What are conference apps?

This is a mobile app that can either be ready-made or customised to include features specific to your event. They’re used by conference organisers and delegates to navigate the conference programme, communicate, access valuable information, as well as make bookings and payments.


What are the benefits of conference apps?

So many event organisers and companies are adopting conference apps because of the endless benefits associated with this mobile-friendly digital solution.


1.     Improved organisation

When you incorporate a conference app into your event organisation, you’re going to notice a drastic rise in efficiency. This is achieved by enhancing event logistics by empowering delegates with all information related to accommodation, travel, eateries, and more. Delegates will have direct access to all the event information they need in one convenient, mobile location. And any questions they have can be answered directly through the app.


2.     Easy navigation

One of the biggest hurdles for conference delegates is knowing where they need to be, how to get there, and when to be there. This event anxiety is completely eliminated with a conference app as it provides delegates with indoor map navigation features and updates on speaker schedules. Further to this, a good conference app can also share details on nearby sites, restaurants, and activities for delegates to enjoy during their off-time.


3.     Real-time notifications

Schedule changes because of traffic, weather, or other external factors are commonplace when it comes to conference planning, but with a conference app, this is not a big challenge. Previously, communicating these changes could be problematic, leaving delegates confused and frustrated. Because event apps allow for real-time notifications, any schedule changes are immediately communicated with delegates. You can also use push notifications to alert delegates when a speaker or session is about to start. In fact, customised apps will allow them to select which notifications they’d prefer.


4.     Participant engagement

Networking is at the heart of any conference and an app allows for even better facilitation of networking opportunities. Using discussion boards or one-on-one chat sessions, delegates can communicate directly with each other using the app. This communication can happen before, during, and after the event – it’s just a matter of promoting the event app in good time.


5.     Data insights

Conference apps are not only able to drastically improve the efficiency of your event, they’re able to provide you with valuable insights that can be used to shape the conference and better plan for future conferences as well. The data emanating from the conference app will let you know how delegates are engaging, what elements are working, and what can be improved in future. Users can even leave feedback which can be reviewed for future planning.


6.     Better security

All apps involve the transfer of valuable personal information which needs to be protected at all costs. Beyond national regulations around personal information and privacy, you need to protect your customers’ data from hacking and other malicious cyber-attacks. A quality conference app will come with stringent security measures that keep your company information, and your customers’ personal information protected.


7.     Access to features

Depending on the scale and nature of your conference, you might require more specific features that are customised for your event. Some of the dominant features include a check-in feature for a more seamless event experience, an interactive agenda, a searchable speaker directory, and navigation features with maps and floor plans.


8.     Cost savings

With a conference app, you’re not having to worry about costs related to printing, web design and management, and other staff-related costs as they’re all taken care of by the app. You’re also able to promote speakers and sponsors through the app which generates massive exposure at a fraction of the price. This translates into massive savings that can be channelled into other conference areas.


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