What are the best alternatives to Attendify?


As the world slowly opens up after more than two years of pandemic isolation, the demand for events is high as people seek that reconnection. But for event planners who’ve traditionally relied upon Attendify as their preferred event app, there’s now a need to find an alternative as the app is going off the market. That’s not a problem though, as there have been some incredible app developments in the last few years with great options on the market. Distance working and socialising also means that these event app builders are able to accommodate in-person, virtual and hybrid events seamlessly.


What’s happening to Attendify?

The well-known event app, Attendify, has been acquired by Hopin’s Event Marketing suite that already includes a number of event-related features such as registration, attendee management, analytics and more. While this is a good event app to consider, you might want to go with something completely different.

What are the best event app features?

Before considering which event app you’re going to opt for, you need to analyse your event needs and then decide what event app features you’d like to have. Here are some of the key features, but there will be other sideline features available as well.


– Social engagement
Event attendees must be able to interact with each other, as well as with the event organiser. This can be achieved through a social network feature which could be providing QR codes to connect, but it’s even better to have social media connections as well.

– Event sessions and schedule
Keep your event attendees informed through your event app using a complete programme agenda in an easily navigable format. You can then further divide sessions into categories with new sessions added where needed.

– Push notifications
Also known as push messages or push alerts, push notifications allow event co-ordinators to send messages directly to the attendees through the mobile app. This is great for real-time notifications, reminders, and any last-minute changes that need to be shared.

– Analytics
You need to monitor your event’s success so that you can improve on your event organisation in future. That’s why it’s important to choose an event app that has analytics. These are key insights into the attendee’s social behaviour and preferences, social influencers, interesting topics and more.

– Security
When it comes to data management of attendees, you need to ensure your event app has advanced security features. This includes data encryption and secure data handling. Beyond the data that is kept safe, you also want to ensure attendees can only access the information that’s authorised for them to access.

– Maps of the facility
To ensure your event-goers know exactly where they want to be when they want to be there, you need to include a floor map. This can include the booth and listing for a trade show, as well as details on the venue and immediate surroundings if relevant. With this information, event-goers can find nearby restaurants or places of interest outside of the main event.

– Support
Finally, you’re going to need technological support. You’ll no doubt be needing the app developer’s support at some point before, during or after your event, so you’d better ensure they’re available for you 24/7. Make sure you manage these expectations before you settle on the app.

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5 of the best alternative event apps to Attendify?

Now that you know what it is that you want from your event app, here’s a look at our best alternatives to Attendify.


1. CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass is a mobile event app that provides attendees with interesting content and powerful face-to-face and virtual connections. Some of the features you can enjoy include:
• Inform attendees with schedules and speaker profiles
• Bring your virtual events to life
• Leverage sponsor and exhibitor tools for more revenue
• Track and analyse key event metrics and activities
• Apply built-in security and privacy controls


2. Whova

This is an award-winning event app that enables event-goers to participate and interact more actively. Some of the features you can expect from Whova include:
• Event registration
• In-app announcements
• Staffed and self-check-in
• Interactive digital booths
• Icebreakers
• Q&As, session polling and chat sidebars
• Round tables, speed networking, and meet-ups


3. HelloCrowd

Another industry-leading event app builder, HelloCrowd is great for organising a range of events and conferences. The features to look out for include:

• Activation and deactivation of features depending on the specific event
• Create your own social network for attendees to communicate
• Live feedback through polling and Q&As
• Push notifications informing of highlights and last-minute updates
• Event gamification adds extra engagement and lets attendees win a prize

With HelloCrowd you can publish your conference app in minutes.

4. Yapp

Yapp is another great alternative to Attendify, which allows event-goers to collaborate through a variety of features, including:

• Updated directory for last-minute changes
• Social feed page
• Simple scheduling
• Photo wall for sharing
• Admin-only feed page and partner page

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5. Hubilo

This is a great event app for virtual, hybrid and in-person events which includes the following features:

• Large suite of engagement features
• Unparalleled client experience
• Advanced branding capabilities for stylised colour branding, banners, videos and more.

There are so many great alternatives to Attendify out there, you just need to narrow down what it is that you need, compare the features and pricing before getting started.

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