Turn Every Event Into a Cause Worth Contributing To

Leverage your events to make a difference. Collect and track donations effortlessly, bringing attention to the causes that matter to you and your audience.

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Giving Back Made Simple and Effective

Equip your events with the power to create positive impact. Our Causes feature is designed to simplify the process of raising funds.

Easy Setup

Integrate a donation collection module with your event seamlessly, without the need for any complex setup

Transparent Tracking

Track donations in real-time. Keep your audience updated on how much has been raised for the cause.

Multiple Causes

Support multiple causes in a single event. Allow attendees to choose where their contribution goes.

Secure Transactions

Provide a secure and trustworthy platform for your attendees to make their contributions.

The Causes feature on HelloCrowd has allowed us to integrate philanthropy into our event management seamlessly. Not only has it encouraged our attendees to give back, but it has also been a great way to strengthen the community around our events. It's a win-win!

Laura Gibson
Community Outreach Director

Unleash the Power of Generosity

Empower your attendees to contribute to a cause. Transform your events into platforms for positive change.

Community Engagement

Strengthen your relationship with your attendees by aligning your event with causes they care about.

Brand Image

Enhance your brand image by showing your commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Automated Processing

Simplify the donation process with automatic tracking and secure transaction processing.

Impactful Reporting

Showcase the impact of donations with real-time data, target trackers and detailed reports.

Lower Fees

Maximise the value collected by taking advantage of our lower fees.

Organiser Match

Organisers can opt to match any donations raised through the platform to show their commitment to a cause.