Uncover Attendee Insights with our Event Feedback

Delve deep into attendee experiences. Capture, analyse and utilise feedback to shape your events and exceed expectations every time.

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Tap into Attendee Insights with HelloCrowd

Leverage your attendees' feedback to continually refine your events. With HelloCrowd, insight gathering has never been easier or more effective. Boost your event's success through the power of feedback today.

Multi-Channel Feedback

Reach out to your attendees through the app or via email to capture valuable event feedback.

Flexible Question Types

Adapt to every feedback need with a variety of question types, from multiple-choice to free text, ranking and more.

Stunning Reports

Analyze and share the feedback you receive with beautifully designed reports. A unique link makes sharing insights easy, efficient, and visually engaging.

Automated Reminders

Improve response rates with built-in reminders and follow-ups. Ensure you gather maximum responses for comprehensive insights.

The Event Feedback tool on HelloCrowd has truly revolutionised how we receive and manage attendee feedback. It's flexible, intuitive, and efficient. The response rate has been impressive and the beautiful reports generated have been so beneficial in planning future events. This tool has really helped us take our event planning to the next level.

Megan Richards
Event Director

Transform Your Events with Valuable Attendee Feedback

Understand your audience better, enhance event experiences, and achieve long-term success with our insightful Event Feedback tool.

In-depth Understanding

Collect detailed feedback to understand your attendees' experiences better. Use these insights to tweak your events and make them more engaging.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions for future events based on real data from your attendees. Never second-guess your strategy again.

Improved Engagement

By asking for feedback, you let attendees know their opinions matter. This builds a strong rapport and increases engagement.

Easy Sharing

Beautifully designed, easy-to-share reports help you communicate feedback data efficiently within your team and stakeholders.

Automated Convenience

With built-in reminders and follow-ups, ensure maximum responses without having to manually manage the process.

Greater Adaptability

Our flexible question types mean you can adapt your feedback form to every event's unique needs.