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Transform your event experience with our dynamic features. Simplify event management. Free for free events and flexible plans for paid events. Discover more today!

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Transform Your Event Experience with Our Dynamic Features

Immerse your attendees in an engaging, interactive event journey with the HelloCrowd Mobile App. Every feature has been carefully crafted to promote networking, boost engagement, and elevate the overall event experience. Here are some of the standout features that our Mobile App offers

Private Social Network

Share updates, reminders, photos, and more directly with your attendees. Keep the conversation going before, during, and after your event.

Live Polling and Questions

Engage your audience in real-time. Gather instant feedback, conduct polls, and field questions from your attendees - all in one place.

Personalised Agendas

Allow your attendees to customize their event experience. They can select the sessions they want to attend and create a personal event agenda.

Speaker and Attendee Profiles

Promote your speakers and foster networking amongst attendees. Detailed profiles make it easy to learn more about others at the event.

Planning our annual corporate event has never been easier. This platform’s seamless process, from creating the event website to ticket sales and event feedback, saved us countless hours. Our attendees loved the mobile app feature - it really heightened the whole event experience. Highly recommended for any event planner out there!

David Thomson
VP of Internal Events

Maximize Attendee Engagement and Enhance Event Experience

With the HelloCrowd Mobile App, you aren't just organising an event, you're crafting an immersive experience. Our Mobile App is packed with features designed to benefit both you and your attendees.

Keep Attendees Engaged

The success of an event lies in the engagement of its attendees. Our Mobile App ensures that your audience remains hooked to your event from start to finish. Interactive features like the private event feed, live polling, and Q&A keep the excitement levels high

Informed Decisions

With all event details, updates, and interactions housed in a single app, managing your event becomes a breeze. The HelloCrowd Mobile App serves as a single point of reference for attendees, making navigation and participation effortless.

Foster Real-Time Interaction

Instant communication is key to fostering a dynamic event environment. Real-time polls and Q&A sessions keep your attendees active, and provide immediate feedback to speakers and event organisers. This allows for adjustments and improvements on the go.

Promote Sponsor Visibility

Our mobile app is not just an interactive hub for your attendees, but also a platform to increase visibility for your event sponsors. Incorporate sponsored session and promotional content, giving your sponsors worthwhile exposure and driving value for your attendees.

Networking Opportunities

In-person networking is a vital component of events, and the HelloCrowd Mobile App recreates this in the virtual space. Detailed attendee profiles, personalised agendas, and the private event feed facilitate connections and spark discussions.

Gain Insightful Analytics

Understanding attendee behaviour is crucial for the continuous improvement of your events. The HelloCrowd Mobile App provides valuable analytics, showing you popular sessions, peak activity times, user engagement levels, and more.